Clamp meter VMC-1

Price: 168,00 PLN net*

VMC-1 series are 4000-count hand-held clamp meters with auto range feature. The meter is designed with ergonomic structure and overload protection for each range, which makes it  superior tool for electricians. VMC-1 series can measure AC/DC voltage, AC current, resisance, diode, contiuity, capacitance, temperature and perform data hold, max/min measurement, relative value measurement, NCV (non-contact voltage), low battery indication, auto/visual alarm and auto power off functions.

Technical data

LCD display max. disp. value 4099
Polarity display automatic
Overload display "OL" or "-OL"
Low battery indication yes
Measurement deviation if the conductor being measured is not placed in the center of the jaw during current measurement, it will cause extra  ±1.0% reading error.
Drop test 1m drop test passed
Max. jaw opening 28 mm
Max. current conductor size 28 mm
Power supply 2 x AAA 1.5V