1. The warranty applies to VALUE tools brand, imported by TECHNIKA CHŁODZENIA Sp. o.o. (hereinafter importer) and distributed in the Polish Republic through a network of authorized distributors.
  2. Products purchased from an authorized distributors of VALUE from 15th March 2017 are covered by an extended warranty from 12 to 24 months but not longer than 27 months from the date of first sale in Poland by the importer.
  3. The condition for accepting the guarantee is the proof of purchase; use as intended and technical-operational terms contained in the manual.
  4. Notified to the complaint, the product should have:
    • plate with a clear serial number stuck on the unit at the time of sale:
      Plate with a clear serial number
    • completed application form complaint - click to download.
  5. Aplication from complaint.To improve the work of the service, first please send aplication from complaint to: a.soberski@tchw.pl and discuss with us the details of delivery. Do shipment description ,,REKLAMACJA VALUE". We don"t accept COD shipments.
  6. The warranty does not cover machine parts subject to natural wear and tear of the device.
  7. Warranty is void if:making unauthorized repairs; damage due to external causes or force majeure.
  8. Damaged parts become the property of the distributor.
  9. Distributor shall not be liable for any financial loss or other civil consequences arising from the occurrence of the defect in the device.
  10. Complaints time is 14 days. If there is a need to supply spare parts from the manufacturer of the device, the deadline may be extended to 28 working days.
  11. The customer bear the costs associated with starting the complaint procedure in case of complaints unjustified.