Vacuum gauge VMV-1

Price: 609,00 PLN net*

It uses the Pirani high-precision vacuum sensor to precisely measure vacuum levels. Digital display affords a comprehensive view of vacuum conditions. When reaching the preset vacuum level, it will buzz as a reminder. When the vacuum level decreases from the pre-set vacuum level, it will buzz rapidly and flash the backlight to warn of leaks.

Technical data

Maximum overload pressure 14PSI / 0.1 Mpa
Range 0-10000 Pa, 0-100.00 mBar, 0-75.000 mmHg, 0-75000 Microns
Resolution 0.01 (<10 Pa), 0.0001 (<10 mBar), 0.0001 (<10 mmHg), 1 (<30000 Microns)
Accuracy 2-100 Pa: ± 5% of reading (at 20° C)
Operating temperature 0-50°C
Battery life 45 hours (3x AA)
Units Pa, mBar, mmHg, Mikrony
Sampling rate 0.5 second
Ports 1 x 1/4 SAE
Sensor 1 x Pirani sensor
Automatic power-off after 10 minutes
Backlight time 20 seconds
Alarm buzz 90 db, turns off after 10 seconds
Weight  125g (without battery)