Digital anemometer VMA-1

Price: 182,00 PLN net*

Anemometer VMA-1, with magnetic sensor technology and precision computing amplifier chip, enable to directly convert the airflow rate into electrical signals; through the microprocessor chip to process data, using the electronic digital display to provide you with accurate measurements. It resolved the issues with traditional anemometer such as large volume and initial high airspeed, guaranting precise measurement. 

Technical data

Wind speed measurement scope 0~12
Accuracy of wind-speed measurement 0,1 m/s
Accuracy of temperature measurement 0,1 °C
Wind scale accuracy ±2
Wind-speed resolution ± (5%rdg+0,5)
Temperature resolution ±2°C
Sampling rate 500 ms
LCD size 32 x 26
Power 3xAAA
Dimensions 164 x 57 x 30 mm
Weight 95 g