Smart digital vacuum pump VRP-6DI

Price: 1 662,00 PLN net*

Smart digital dual-stage vacuum pump designed for refrigerants from HFC and HFO groups (ex.: R32, 1234yf).

Main features:

  • dual-stage
  • lightweight, small, high quality vacuum
  • large and clear oil inspection eyelet
  • digital display
  • built-in solenoid valve
  • non-sparking design, suitable for R-32 and R-1234yf
  • automatic extention of evacuation time depending on the reading


Technical data

Flow rate 170 l/min
Ultimate vacuum 15 microns
Power 3/4 KM
Inlet ports 1/4", 3/8" SAE
Oil capacity 600 ml
Dimensions 346 x 135 x 302 mm
Weight 11,5 kg